DUSTIN HARBIN is the fourth product of a carpenter/seamstress union. DHARBIN is just his name without some of the letters.

MR HARBIN is a cartoonist and freelance illustrator who lives and works and loves in Charlotte NC USA. He produces a weekly comic called DHARBIN! (predictable), which updates on Mondays or thereabouts. He also still occasionally does diary comics, which he did on a daily basis for most of 2010, as published by Koyama Press in 2 volumes so far, the second of which is still available.

MR HARBIN is available for hire for illustration work, commissions, design work, what-have-you. Email dusty[at]dharbin[dot]com with the general shape of your need and budget. Budgets of “no money but great exposure” may receive an angry reply. Past clients include Wired Magazine, Richmond Magazine, Chicago Title, Boulevard Films, Marvel Comics, and 12 Gauge Comics, among others. He also worked as Creative Director at Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find/Heroes Convention until mid-2010.

MR HARBIN has also taught classes on comics, both craft and theory, and delivered talks at libraries to kids. Mr Harbin is, he’ll admit, pretty good with kids. So those are some other things he’d be interested in doing for money. Money, money, money, let’s wheel and deal!