Brand new and debuting at this weekend’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival! Diary Comics #3, published by Koyama Press! 88 pages of comics, this mother is FAT, barely contained by it’s bellyband/girdle. Full color covers with French flaps, double-stapled guts printed in crisp black and white. Hand-assembled by yours truly, this book represents an insane amount of work, but I think it was worth it. I’m often publicly dismissive of my own diary comics, but this volume is where they start edging into stronger territory, both in terms of the art and the occasional forays into territory besides depression or minutiae. I’m about to start doing diary comics more regularly again, expanding on this direction, and I’m very excited about this book, not to mention thankful to Anne Koyama for publishing it!

The book will debut at TCAF this Saturday and Sunday, but if you’re not going, you can preorder it now.  It’s $10 USD for the regular edition, or $15 for a sketched edition (quantities limited). I’ll start shipping those orders next Wednesday.

Also debuting at TCAF will be this full-color print, available in both 8″ x 10″ ($15) and 11″ x 14″ ($25) sizes, with the larger size being a signed and numbered edition of 50. Those are available for preorder as well. Get it!

But that’s not all! I’ll also be selling the following:

Diary Comics #2 (quantities limited)
Dharbin 1-2 Collected Edition (also limited)
The Doug Wright Awards 2011: An Essay In Comics, By Some American
My other prints, including Behold the Dinosaurs!, Tyrannosaurus Bats, and other favorites

Plus a ton of original art and other stuff–I’ll be set up at the Koyama Press booth, alongside the best people in the room: Michael Deforge, Steve Wolfhard, Nate Bulmer, Brian Fukushima, and more. Plus of course Annie Koyama herself.

If you’ve never been to TCAF before, I can’t endorse it enough. It’s precisely what I want from a comics festival experience: a very positive atmosphere, a very demographically mixed group of attendees (it’s a free event), attended by an extraordinarily well-chosen group of guests and exhibitors. And most of all, it’s so well-organized, from the tiniest thing to the most challenging, that it’s the kind of event that makes you feel valued for what you do. Which may not sound like that big a deal, but to me it is. To me it’s the biggest deal!

One more thing! Speaking of the Doug Wright Awards (the comic I did about last year’s ceremony and my thoughts on it pictured above), I’ll be presenting one this year! There goes my objectivity about awards. If you’re going to be at TCAF, I strongly urge you to attend the Wrights ceremony, it’s precisely what I think an awards program should be, important, dignified, and first and foremost about the award and the legacy of that award. I said a ton about my thoughts on that here, but anyway. It’s something you should think about attending, regardless of my participation. But also, especially because of my participation. I’ll be presenting the Doug Wright Spotlight Award, which is the “talent deserving of wider recognition” award. You can see all the nominees here.

For those of you who are going to TCAF, travel safe and I’ll see you there! For the rest of you, head on over to my store and get to spendin!