DIARY COMICS :: 09 Jan 10 – 19 Jan 10

New group of diary comics, just little moments throughout the day. All done without any real planning or pencilling or anything (as if you couldn’t tell already). You can read all of them since January 1, 2010 in the Flickr set.

10 thoughts on “DIARY COMICS :: 09 Jan 10 – 19 Jan 10

  1. Neil

    These are great. Kind of like "Tweet sketches".

    Do find that opening yourself up like this in such a public forum leads to wierdly intimate conversations down the road? "Oh yeah, Dustin, I love that chinese food place. We should go there one day and talk about kung fu. Unless you're feeling depressed, that is. Hey, can you draw a picture of my dog?"

  2. Liz B.

    Exercise is the best for depression. It's actually the only reason I started going to the gym years ago, and as a pleasant side effect I ended up losing 50 pounds! Dogs are great too, that's why I have two of them!

    I too find that when I want to go to hapkido the least is usually when I need to go the most. I always feel better afterwards!

    The second panel of the last one is hilarious because I can totally hear your voice exactly how you'd say that! haha.

    Also I am glad you posted the comics this way, this is the best possible way to read them! I love hourly comics! I can't wait to do them myself someday!


    Ha! Yeah I realized I'd done it and then outed myself to the guy sitting next to me–"I think I just checked out Anida's ass!" Anida's a sexy lady, it wouldn't normally be uncommon, but we've been friends for a million years, so it's a little strange to be checking her out. Or maybe more strange to be surprised about it? Plenty of strange to go around.

    Weirdly, I heard T. Boone Pickens, the Texas oil-dude and conservative chump, talk to Diane Rehm about exercise as depression fighter one time, and now I think about it all the time. Weird how advice from odd sources will stick in your head.

  4. Emi Gennis

    Exercising away depression is the best! When I am depressed I always find it impossible to motivate myself to actually get up and GO to yoga, even though I know I will feel so much better after I do. It's really the stupidest thing.

  5. Jai Granofsky

    These are as precious as they are funny, and I do mean super. Super work! We here in Quebec (Montreal)like saying "super" instead of "really" or "very". The drawings are loose, stylish and immediately discernible.
    I identify with everything except watching the Bachelor. Never gave it a shot.

  6. Russman

    "Cotton Vag"=funniest thing I've ever heard…just glad it's never happened to me. But…

    You watch The Bachelor? I'm disappointed.

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