At last! Beginning this Monday, October 19, I’ll convene the DUNE BOOK CLUB, right here on your friendly neighborhood Dharblog.


1) We’ll read a certain prescribed amount of the book during the week, then on Mondays I’ll get the discussionizing started with a little post, and we can all join in by commenting on the post in the appropriately-named COMMENTS section.

2) The rules are a) Don’t Be A Jerk, and b) Don’t Be A Pottymouth. My mom looks at my blog sometimes, I don’t want her reading all your tee-tee/ca-ca language. Also, c) Don’t Spoil The Plot. Some of us might be reading it for the first time, so let’s try to respect that if so. If YOU’RE reading it for the first time, just speak up so no one ruins anything.

3) We’ll be confining the discussion to just the first book in the series, which is self-contained. It’s by far the best one anyway, and it’ll keep things simple, rather than looking at the larger (bizarrer!) story of the whole 6-book unfinished series.

4) We won’t be talking much about the movie, which I’m not a big fan of. You guys can if you like, but I’ll be keeping my posts on the book itself.

All are welcome! This is probably my favorite novel ever, and definitely the book I’ve learned the MOST from over the years. Whether or not you like science fiction, this book is CHOCK FULL of nuggets of wisdom, it’s pretty amazing.

FOR MONDAY’S MEETING, let’s read the first 40-something pages, depending on the edition you have access to. Read to the end of the chapter that begins “Paul watched his father enter the training room..” and ends with “..his new awareness denied it.”

24 thoughts on “DUNE BOOK CLUB!

  1. Pendleton Ward

    neeeat. i wanna try. i'll go buy the book and get on the trolley.
    man i saw a real life book club meeting at the book store in my neighborhood… it looked suuuuuper lame. but i bet this internet one will be great! Everyone should post drawings as we go along too!


    Pendletime! Yesssssssss I would love LOVE LOVE drawings. Do it! This will be good online-style, so we can't smell each other. Although a real one would be AMAZING with the right crew, just like D&D.

  3. Peter

    Drawings are a must! Some friends of mine and I had a reading/drawing blog for a while but it got buried under other things. This is a good time for some nostalgia time.

  4. :: smo ::

    i like reading things! i'll try and hit the strand this week and see what i can dig up! thanks for the hot tip peezah bazaskee! yeah i miss the literary debacle, drawing will be fun and educational![?] woo!

  5. Uncle Phil

    Pen Ward told me about this here book club and told me to "get on the trolly". I've never read Dune, but I bought it a while back and have yet to dive in… so here i gooooooo


    Uncle Phil you are welcome, although I don't remember you from any family get-togethers. You might be one of those "notorious" uncles that my Mom and Biggie would sometimes refer to.

  7. Preston Toney

    Almost at pg. 47 (stopping point for my edition of the book). Looking forward to the discussions and drawings!

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