NEW STRIP :: DUEL! Hemingway Vs. Fitzgerald!


It seems like the more time I have to work on comics, the longer those comics take me. This started out as a simple idea, suggested via Twitter by Ms. Kate Beaton, whose own historical comics make mine look silly–she’s kind of amazing. But the layout the story suggested seemed simple, and I figured I could knock it out in a day easy. Why am I so dumb?

But, self-pity aside, here’s the basic story, culled from Kate, numerous online sources (accounts vary wildly, actually), and my own fractured imagination:


Ernest Hemingway was snockered one night, and hanging out with F. Scott Fitzgerald and Canadian writer Morley Callaghan, with whom Hemingway had worked briefly as a reporter at the Kansas City Star. There was maybe some static between the two, who were being compared to each other in the press. While it seems friendly on the surface, it’s easy to imagine bristly Ernest Hemingway, in his cups, challenging anyone to a fight, especially one disguised as a gentleman’s sport.

callaghan-m_200pxWhile Hemingway was a sort of boxing dilettante, Callaghan was an actual trained boxer, though he probably looked less like it, short and a little dumpy by all accounts. Which makes it all the more funny to me, since ol’ Morley decimated blustery Hemingway. But supposedly (and according to Hemingway), the fault lies with foppish old F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was supposed to be timing one minute rounds with two minute rests in between. One account I read put the offending round time at 13 minutes, but like I said, the times were all over the place.

Okay, so anyway, here’s my stab at it here. For really amazing historical comics, I suggest you check out Kate’s strips yourself, which are far superior to my own. I’ll leave you with this video I found containing a poorly made reenactment. I like mine better, between you and me: