NEXT SATURDAY :: Cartooning Talk at Mt. Pleasant Library


Next Saturday, July 18, I’ll be giving a talk at the Mt. Pleasant Library on comics and cartooning. At least I think it’s on comics and cartooning–I think it will at least be about cartooning, right? Okay so that’s decided. I’ll be giving a talk about cartooning, next Saturday at the Mt. Pleasant library, ostensibly from 12.30pm to 2pm, although one must presume that I will continue to talk as long as someone looks like they’re listening. Besides, I may need more than 90 minutes to turn all the 11-and-up people in the room into master cartoonists.

This is the second time I’ve donned a fake mortarboard (I never got a real one, having never graduated anything before) to fake teach–I enjoyed the first time, although it was both more and less difficult than I’d thought it would be. This will probably be less difficult–I can’t imagine that anything is very hard in a town called Mt. Pleasant, right? Wait where the heck is Mt Pleasant anyway? Let’s see…

OMG IT’S LIKE AN HOUR AWAY. Now I don’t feel so bad about taking money for 90 minutes of work. Phew! Okay, well if you’re in/near that area and you’re a library-prone teenager, come by and I’ll turn you into Sam Hiti or Paul Pope or somebody real quick. If you stay for 2 hours I can make you a regular Jack Kirby, but you’ll have to take up cigar-smoking.

ALSO: I don’t usually blog in the middle of the day, but I left work early today because I feel like crap. To show you what that looks like, I have helpfully included a photograph I just took, JUST NOW: