TODAY! Gordon St. Flea Market!

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Charlotteans! And people who live near, but not technically in, the city of Charlotte! Today I’ll be taking part in the Gordon St. Flea Market at Snug Harbor. If you’ve never been before, it’s pretty great, basically a bunch of the Charlotte scene regulars pull out their various hobbies and side businesses and set up shop–less of a standard old-people-looking-sad flea market, and more a bunch of people who just took up jewelry making or scarf dying or bread baking. I love it–it’s a really creative, fun vibe, and I’m excited to take part in my first one.

Yes it is raining, but I will be there anyway, hopefully inside somewhere–since pretty much everything I sell is made of paper. Hydrophobic paper.

Speaking of paper, I will have these kinds and more:

PRINTS, including that Batman-riding-a-dinosaur, and that other one with a million other dinosaurs, plus pretty much all the other ones.

COMICS, including Diary Comics #2, the Dharbin 1-2 Collected Edition, and others.

OTHER COMICS, which is to say, a ton of trade paperbacks from my personal collection that I’m trying to turn into a different, arguably more useful kind of paper than the kind they are now.

ORIGINAL ART, which is just what it sounds like.

Okay! Hope you can make it out there. And if you can’t, most of the stuff (not the other comics, but everything else) is available in my Store, so get to shopping.