POETRY READING :: Sunday Sept. 6, Snug Harbor!

Oh My Goodness it is true, Lo Verily and Forsooth! That is but a taste of the poetical fancies I will be spinning on September 6, which is also my 35th birthday. Huzzah! Scheduled to begin at 8.30pm, and I believe there will be a scant entry charge. The whole thing ’twill verily be done within an hour or so, which means that even ’twere it excretonious, your pain will be shortlived, I daresay.

But, if you’ve never seen me read poetry before, I assure you it’s actually kinda good. I haven’t done it in about ten years, but people seemed to like it back then, and one presumes that I would have somehow gotten better, right? Or at least smarter? But definitely older! Huzzah!

Topics will include: War, Jane Goodall, Sex, Salt Water, Diplomacy, Poo-Poo, and many other besides! Lo! Excellent for persons looking for something to do that doesn’t involve loud music, although actually I’m opening for (I think) two different bands. Therefore, excellent also for persons who DO like loud music, as there will be some afterwards. I think that covers everyone right? Okay, see you there!

2 thoughts on “POETRY READING :: Sunday Sept. 6, Snug Harbor!

  1. Carol Caudle

    Hey Dusty – Wish I could go – sounds awesome, I will be out of town though. Let me know if you do another one…

  2. Dan Nordskog

    Hey Dustin,

    Love your work and am really enjoying each installment of What Is It With Women?
    (My friends and I have a saying when a woman justifiably or non-justifiably flies off the handle: Bad Lady Crazy. Bad news either way my friend.)

    Curious, what pen/tool do you use for your writing/font in your comic? I'm struggling to find a pen or brush that I like. It's probably more to do with me not using the tools properly but any hints would be a big help.

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