STRIPS :: THIS DAY IN HISTORY :: The Crossing of the Delaware

The last of my three This Day In History strips: this one was really just an opportunity to recreate the famous painting by, er, Emanuel Leutze (thank you, Wiki!) as a cartoon. Plus I really love pumpkin pie--as I write this, my birthday is less than two short weeks away (September 6); I know many of you are wondering exactly what to buy me for my birthday, and some of you even want to get me something that will make a great big splash, but a yummy pumpkin pie would be alright in a pinch. Or a Quicker-Clicker--my dog chewed mine up, and I can't find one in the local office supply stores. When I was a kid, and a master shoplifter, the Quicker Clicker was always a favorite target. At something like a whopping $3.50 at Rose's, there was no chance that my mom would buy me one, but fortunately my alternate talents provided a steady stream. To this day, all other pencils take a backseat to the regal, smoke gray, .5 mm Quicker Clicker pencil. Oh! But what about the strip? Remember the strip?

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