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Okay, so a bunch of us used to play on a pool team together, including my father--who looks a lot like this, except pretty serious and generally cool-looking. He's certainly not the sort of person you could imagine doing calisthenics, so when one day the idea came up in hushed conversation while he was taking a shot, there was a lot of giggling and shushing and snorting. That grew into me and my friend Jason Bizzaro doing impersonations of what my dad would look like exercising. I'll stop the description there, as I can't imagine it's even a little interesting if you've never seen it--all that was just to say that Jason's wife Missy for some reason loves that joke, and is constantly bringing it up. So a couple of months ago, while I was still high on Scott Campbell's style (don't get me wrong, he's still amazing, I'm just more used to it now), I did a number of drawings trying to completely copy his style capture that energy he has. This one grew out of that, and I'm giving it to Missy for her birthday, which was a few days ago. Hopefully she won't read this until after receipt of the gift. I just couldn't wait any longer!

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