WHOA! Fist-A-Cuffs Championship WON!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It looks like you are not kidding me. Thanks so much for not kidding me! Our team for Sam Hiti's excellent Fistacuffs contest has won the finals! Our team, pictured above, was the victor in an extraordinarily close race: I think we won by two votes, maybe? Out of 86. Whew!

Most of the credit must obviously go to my teammates, who drew respectively (from left): DANGERLINE MELEE, by Javier Olivares, the winner of the very first Fistacuffs, lo these many months ago; KILLY MELEE, by David Rubin, who has one of the best lines I've ever seen by a cartoonist; and of course I drew the little general. I've got a full run-down on the contest, which until now was anonymous, over at my new Flickr page: check it!

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