ME: On Ink Panthers; Up In Your Ignatzes

This Is What I Look Like If You Stare Into My Eyes Real Close (When I'm A Panther) Two things really quick, before I get back to other things: 1) Brand new today is my guest appearance on the excellent Ink Panthers podcast, as part of co-host Mike Dawson's Pro T.I.P.S. series, which has included interviews with Jim Rugg, Gabby Schulz, and Frank Santoro among others. I talk a lot, but maybe not as bad as I normally am in these kind of things. Topics include commerce, web vs print, why web vs print is a dumb dichotomy, internet personas, audience, sadness, revelations, lettering, why comics are stupid, etc. Oh and penury, always penury. You can listen to it right here, or just go to iTunes and hunt up INK PANTHERS, there's just the one. 2) As mentioned near the end of the podcast, I'll be hosting the Ignatz Awards at SPX this year. We are still talking about what that means, but I'm pretty sure what it'll mean is a pretty fun, 30-minute or so awards show. The Ignatzes are famous for being short and fun, and one of those things is something I can do, and the other one I can fake. So that'll be good. I join a distinguished line of previoius hosters, including the awesome Liz Baillie. Here's a video from her hosting in 2009. She is dolled up fancy! Also look for the hilarious (and longgg) presentation by Gahan Wilson--that dude steals the show for sure.

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