DIARY COMICS #2 is here, just in time for its debut at this year's Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Made with 100% Koyama Press goodness, folded and stapled and scored by yours truly, this little marvel of the modern age of mundanity is available for sale right here for $10, and will start shipping once I return from Canada, my suitcases stuffed with maple leaves (their version of money). UPDATE! I decided that the first 50 orders or so of the "Sketched Edition"--WHILE SUPPLIES LAST--will get a free original diary strip. It'll be one of the ones dated August 31 or earlier, by my choice and at my discretion. You can see the list of available strips here, if you'd like to make a suggestion. But I caution you that you'll probably not get the one you want at this point. Hey it's free--so sit back and enjoy getting a little piece of original art. You can see all the details, as well as the $15 version where I draw something nice on the title page, at the product listing. There's a little slideshow on my Tumblr that you might enjoy. Or if you like things to move a little more fastly, I made a little video to go with it: Honestly, I'm so excited for TCAF that I'm about to lose my mind. Hopefully I'll be making a lot of money and selling stuff like crazy, but also there are SO MANY amazing people to visit with there, not to mention the gorgeous city of Toronto, just awaking to its own Ontarian spring, a full two months after it started here in North Carolina. TCAF's place in early May, combined with its latitude, means that a side-benefit of the show for me is getting to relive my favorite part of my favorite season, when things are just starting to open up and bloom, and the people are looking around sleepily, just newly awakened from the long winter. Mmm, Toronto in Spring! Speaking of spring, I am hoping to make a ton of money! I'll have a bunch of stuff, including: DIARY #2 (as mentioned above, in its World Debut) DIARY #1 (I only have about 60 left of the print run, so this is soon to become a Collectible Item PRINTS GALORE, including all these guys, which sub-includes this one below: I only mention this one again because only one of them has sold, and this is one of my favorite things I've ever drawn. You dummies! You just don't know quality OBVSLY!! Let's see, what else? I'll have my newspaper, which Rob Clough reviewed today here, my tooth t-shirt, a ton of original art, and anything else I can think of that I can turn to money. And somewhere in the middle of that I'll be spending some too--there's a new Chester Brown book, Emily Carroll prints and a mini (plus her!), Joe Lambert's new book.. man. Gonna be hard not to spend money :( I'll figure something out! Anyway, I'll be at table 142 with the mighty Anne Koyama, and my Koyamabros Michael Deforge, Steve Wolfhard, David Huyck, and a bunch more presumably. So excited you guys! But for now, channel that excitement into buying my new book!

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