In the interest of cleaning up my Twitter and Tumblr a little bit and collecting the random little bits of data that pop up in my head--or from other people's heads--into less and larger chunks, I thought I might start link-blogging a little bit. Just once in a while. Let's see how we like it, shall we?


Via Austin Kleon, this interesting Tumblr theme that's essentially a bookshelf. Seems like a great place to not only make suggestions, but store ideas about books, recommendations, etc. I'll start one up if I can ever spare the time. Also, just as an aside, Austin Kleon's super interesting. I've never read any of his books, but I feel like I've gotten some really good ideas from his posts on various things. Check his site, his Tumblr, and his Twitter, if you'd like to try him on. Via Kelly Sue DeConnick, an insane desk photoset, but more importantly some interesting approaches to productivity, something I'm super-duper in need of. I know everyone has been talking about Getting Things Done for years, but her approach to keeping a work diary to stay on target is right up my alley. I'm a sucker for productivity apps and tricks, because they feed my need to categorize and sort. But I'm also the kind of person who'll waste half a day adapting to a new thing, then never use it again. Gotta get serious, Dharbin, gotta get you some of that Kelly Sue magic.


This has been all over the Internet (I got it this time from Brandon Boyer's ReBrandonnn Tumblr), and it's beautiful. I don't care that it's fake--from what I hear it's from an ad company advertising... well I don't even know what they're advertising. It doesn't matter. But it did make me think about how whatever else Bruce Lee was or wasn't, he was a kind of physical artist, right? A human artist. I'm not crazy about kung fu or martial arts or whatever (although I do go to a kung fu class once a week), but for some reason there's something really mesmerizing about Bruce Lee as not only a man but as an idea. I get a similar thing from John Coltrane. Just someone who is employing every iota of energy they have toward a single purpose or motion or idea. Just amazing.


I keep buying mustard, and dutifully putting it on one slice of my daily sandwich's bread, but you know what? I really prefer Miracle Whip on both slices. I think maybe I'm just buying mustard because I like the little jars different brands come in, which ultimately become water jars and ink jars and nib jars.


You guys have a sweet weekend.

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