Dudes don't even front: this weekend I'll be a guest at the Small Press Expo, one of the best comics shows on the circuit, and probably my biggest show of the year after Mighty TCAF. I'm doing A LOT at SPX this year, so let's jump right in to that: FIRST, I'll be sitting in probably the greatest location ever designed by man: Essentially I'll be sandwiched on one side by Mike Mitchell, Olly Moss, and John Martz, and on the other by Nathan Stapley and Scott Campbell. Besides being the weakest link in that mighty art chain, that is sure to be the funnest spot in the whole room all weekend. Good lord. SECOND, I'll be debuting this new little minicomic: It's a little fellow, just 4.25 x 5.25, but it's a nice package, with fancy color covers with French flaps, and 24 black and white pages inside. If you're having a hard time imagining its size, here's a photo of it in nature: It's twice the size of a telephone truck, but somehow also twice the size of an eraser! HIGH CONCEPT! And all just for $4, my friends! What a savings! Speaking of savings, I'll also have DIARY COMICS #2, the 48-pg black and white comic published by Koyama Press, in two forms: one in all its glory, complete with a free diary original from my pre-December 2010 strips, french flaps, bellyband, just a fancy little number. That one's $10. The other is a sort of "scratch-and-dent" edition, just some miscut or otherwise Island Of Misfit Toys -style defects. Still pretty great though, and just $5. Plus I'll have all my prints, including the new ones from the last few months, the DHARBIN 1-2 COLLECTED EDITION, a ton of originals, and more. I'm coming loaded for bear! And possibly most fun of all, I'll be hosting the Ignatz Awards this year, although they seem to keep forgetting to mention that. Are they ashamed of me? Come and see me throw a big tantrum on-stage! The Ignatz Awards are famous for being a surprisingly fun and REALLY short award ceremony, often hardly even a half-hour. I'll be keeping to this tradition, and then afterward there's party in the hotel, fondue (gross!), and some sort of art fight thing I heard about. If you're going to SPX this year and have never actually attended the Ignatz Awards, this is the year to strap it on! That's right, strap it on! See you at SPX this weekend!

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