Tis the season! The season for selling off your possessions! Or in this case, just one really nice possession, and then some old original art. The swanky part is an Ebay auction, the rest you can just email me and order direct. First the swanky part: PROCESS RECESS VOLUME 1 COVER PROOF, MATTED AND FRAMED Oo-wee, hurts to get rid of this. It was originally a gift, which drives me crazy. I won't say anything else! I hate selling it, but that's how it goes. The dimensions are roughly¬†23.5" x 12.25", including the frame and everything. You can bid on it or get more info or what-have-you right here. ----- Okay now the art--I'll mark things that sell as SOLD, so if it's not marked SOLD, just email me to get it. My email address is at the top of the sidebar at right--I'd type it out but I don't need any more spam. These are mainly things that either haven't sold yet, or are big enough that they're a hassle to cart around with me to shows. So I'm selling them as cheap as I can, just to clear space and turn these things into a different kind of stacked paper. Shipping will be $5 domestic, $10 international. If you want multiple things, let me know--the shipping won't go up. Also of course, feel free to take the opportunity to get any of my prints or books or what-not--I won't charge you any extra for shipping. And vice versa--if you were thinking of ordering one of my prints, just let me know and I'll package it up and not charge you shipping twice. My goodness what a savings! 1. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PHOTO SWIPE: THE NANSEN EXPEDITION | $40 Sometimes I draw pictures out of National Geographic, just to warm up and study really nice photographs for composition and so forth. They never turn out that well, but this one didn't turn out so bad--I started it two years ago, and just pulled it out and finished it this morning. 8.5" x 7" on a nice cream drawing paper. -----   2. KC GREEN WATERCOLOR PORTRAIT | SOLD Perfect for that fantasy/webcomics fetishist in your life! I love KC Green, both the man and his comics. And who doesn't love centaurs? Who?? This was originally a 1-hour drawing I decided needed more work, so I colored it with watercolors this morning. 7" x 8.5" on cold press Strathmore 500 bristol. ----- 3. DIARY COMICS #1 FRONT COVER ART | SOLD This was is the uncolored art from the front cover. It measured approximately 10" x 12", and is a very nice, clean piece of art. There are blue lines still visible, but not in a bad way, do you know what I mean? I like to see artists' pencils, but that's just me. Like many people, I'm not a big fan of old work, and this is what? A year and a half old now? But I'm still proud of it, it turned out nice. Almost without exception, the simpler I make things the more I like them, which is at odds with my brain's weird compulsion to just stuff everything with marks and lines and details. I'm also glad I was able to show successfully how beautiful my feet are. ----- 4. DHARBIN! #1 COVER AND SKETCH PAGE COMPOSITE | $10 I think this was the original cover for the first printing of my first minicomic, but then I moved the sketch area to the first page and isolated the balloons part on the cover by itself. This was way back in 2008! I've come a long way, baby. ----- 5. WHOOPASS SPOT ILLO | $5 This was a magazine illustration for an article about office-supply stealers getting a can of "Whoopass" opened up on them. Be warned! ----- 6. HEAVEN! | $10 A couple years ago, I was guest artist at the Partyka site. I weirdly chose to work all in colored pen and do themed drawings around "What Heaven Looks Like". My mind is nuts! I sold all the others but this poor lonely one. Left out of heaven! ----- 7. MAGAZINE SWIPE #1 | $10 Also in 2009, I went on a brief run of drawing models in magazines in order to improve at drawing women (it didn't work). This one and the next two are all 8.5" x 11" on cream cardstock. ----- 8. MAGAZINE SWIPE #2 | $5 Girls in magazines need to put on some weight. Especially after they get drawn by me. ----- 9. MAGAZINE SWIPE #3 | $5 Smells like.. fashion! -----   Okay! That's it! Just email me if you want any of these, with or without stuff from my regular store. Thanks for looking!

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