THE REVIEW PROJECT :: Sherlock Holmes, Game of Shadows

[NOTE: this post is part of a series of reviews, the rules of which are listed in the little image there or here at the initial post in the series. If you are a nervous reader or prone to complaining, please read the rules first!] [click on image for a big whopping readable version] To add to what's written above, two things: 1) Robert Downey Jr.'s accent in this movie is a crime. In the first movie, which was dumb but pleasant, his accent was just a little silly but serviceable. In this one it's like he's doing a Saturday Night Live sketch. Except that right there with him is someone with an actual regular British accent (Jude Law), which makes Robert Downey Jr. seem a little like that one theater-type at a party with a bunch of non theater-types. 2) In the positive column: by the end you're so used to his accent that it somehow adds to that dumb-but-pleasant texture to the movie. In order to enjoy the movie at all, you have to just kind of surrender to Robert Downey Jr. and his cartoon mouth and eyes. If you don't, this is a terrible terrible movie. If you do, it's a fun movie to watch in a theater with big sound and things whooshing everywhere.

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