This Saturday I'll be at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, in scenic, snowy Brooklyn New York. I'm not listed on the exhibitor list, but I'll be set up at table D10 with Domitille Collardey, with a smaller, more compact version of my regular super-table swamp-daddy setup. Things I'll be selling to New Yorkers and others in attendance include:

DIARY COMICS #4 | The best one yet, by a mile. 88 pages, black and white interiors, full color covers on fancy paper with French flaps (also fancy). Comes with a small sketch on the title page

THE GREATEST EXPLORER | indigo print available in 8x10 and 11x14 sizes, first time available in person

SMALL DRAWINGS | 48 page collection of my favorites of the last year or so of "one hour drawings" and "fourths".

DIARY COMICS #3 | The poor forgotten volume, debuted at TCAF just six months ago but then got outshone a few months later by the (admittedly far superior) #4. Hey whatever, I still love you #3 (not really)

Plus a bunch of originals, other prints (Behold the Dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Bats, etc) available on request

ALSO, this week I was on Tell Me Something I Don't Know, a podcast hosted by my friends Jim Rugg and Jasen Lex. Those guys are super smart, and I had a great time talking to them. We mainly talked business, which I weirdly enjoy talking about. I take some pride in my business acumen, which is a little odd considering how little money I have at any given time.

ALSO, this week you may have noticed me on Boing Boing, as part of their series of reviews of indie comics. I don't know why I'm bringing it up, other than I was pleased to be included--surely you've already seen it if you read Boing Boing, and if you don't but are reading my blog, you probably didn't need to be told about my books in the first place. Plus it was possibly the most tepid review of a thing I've ever read, making it even less likely that you will be excited by being told.

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