Quickly, while I’m eating my delicious Cranberry Almond Crunch or whatever it’s called, a couple of cool things from my RSS reader:

Tom Spurgeon makes a bunch of great points about the recent spate of Alan Moore mockings. He sums it up best with this statement: “Alan Moore has earned his frustration, his suspicions and his occasional flashes of anger. He should be listened to and learned from, not dismissed and certainly never mocked.” Read the whole thing here.

KC Green is amazing. His comics are SO MUCH raunchier than anything I’m usually interested in, but they’re so darned good I can’t stop loving them! I also love him, seeing him is always the best. I was missing this comic while I was seeing him at SPX! [#irony] My favorite part is the weird crap he does with speech, I feel like I’m mid-stroke while reading his comics sometimes. IN THE GOOD WAY.

Also via the Comics Reporter, the Ignatz Award winners–I technically missed these because I was having dinner with Richard Thompson THAT’S RIGHT RICHARD THOMPSON–even though they were only a block away. But I was there for the aftermath, where I congratulated my friends Mike Dawson and Jim Rugg on their wins. I forgot to congratulate Kevin Huizenga, and James Sturm didn’t need any congratulations. That guy has got some big hands, by the way. Impressive for a cartoonist, like a brickmason’s hands. In a room filled with pasty white soft hands, James Sturm is king.

Oh yeah also I got announced as a guest–a GUEST–at HeroesCon 2011! So how about that weird turn of events! Super excited about sitting down at a HeroesCon, that’s going to be a new perspective on things.

Okay! Good morning! I’ll post an SPX report later today maybe. If you’re lucky. Fingers crossed, suckaz.