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Behold, wuxtry! I’ll be at this weekend’s Small Press Expo, in Bethesda, Maryland, set up at the Koyama Press mega booth! I’ll have two new books: one of which is the already-available for preorder Diary Comics #4, clocking in at an overstuffed 88 pages, but just 5 inches tall. It’s pretty good–it contains the long story I just finished called “Boxes“, plus roughly 50 other pages of stuff.

As I type this I’m trying to keep my head from crashing into my monitor–I’ve been burning a lot of midnight oil stapling covers for this thing. But now that I have some assembled, I took some photos, just look at those spreads! Spreadtastic!

Also brand-new, in fact, I’m just announcing it here for the first time, is a 48-page collection called “Small Drawings,” which is just that: small drawings, mainly from my recent 1/4-page commissions, and the one-hour drawings I do. Plus a couple of other things thrown in for flavor. All for $5! If you aren’t going to be at SPX, you can buy it here–if you very kindly have already pre-ordered a Diary Comics 4, then don’t buy this–I’m including a Small Drawings FREE with all the DC4 preorders I’ve gotten already, as thank you gifts for you early adopters. Not early-adopters, never fret: 48 pages for $5 isn’t so bad, OR, just don’t buy it! Here’s some spreads from that badboy here:

Also I’ll have my recent prints, the last few Dharbin 1-2 collected editions–after these sell out I’m not reprinting it again–and my original art for sale. I’ll be set up with mighty Koyama Press at the endcap of tables J-7 through J-10. The Koyama lineup is bananas, and includes NOT ONLY myself, but also Michael Deforge, John Martz, Aaron Costain, Julia Wertz, Nate Bulmer, Patrick Kyle, Zack Worton, Robin Nishio, *breathes*, Steve Wolfhard, AND Annie Koyama herself, making her debut at SPX. I feel like she’s going to be the talk of that show probably. Also on hand will be some nobodies like Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, etc. If you’re into THOSE kind of comics (good ones).

I hope to see you there!