THIS JUST IN :: Dharbanova


Well it finally got announced yesterday! Casanova, the mind-bending spy-fi action sex thriller, will be relaunching this summer from Marvel’s Icon imprint. New features will include a iris-melting colors by Cristiane Peter, and new hand-lettering from me. It is a bizarre thrill to be working with Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon (and Cris Peter); expect a lot of name-dropping the next time you see me. “OH YEAH MY GOOD BUDDY G-BA–THAT’S WHAT I CALL HIM–WAS TELLING ME ALL ABOUT THAT YEAH TOTALLY.”

If you have read Casanova before, it will still be amazing, maybe just more amazinger in color. But now it’s going to sell like hotcakes, and who doesn’t love hotcakes? And if you have not read it, this will be an excellent place to jump on board, yo.

Okay, let’s see, lots of new articles to link to, including Matt’s announcement,¬†this one from CBR, the initial interview at Newsarama, the Marvel announcement, oh yes and good ol Heidi at The Beat mentioned it and made sure to stick my name in there. Nice work Heidi!

Okay! I’d say more but I have, well, a ton of pages to letter, plus HeroesCon and all my regular stuff to do. I’m going to be pretty swamped until the end of July, so don’t be mad at me if I’m not posting a ton, okay? You can always keep up with me with my diary strip if you get Dharb-lonely.