UNTIL SUNDAY :: All Orders >$5 Get Free Sketch!

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BREAKING NEWS FROM OUR INTERNET BUREAU! Turns out yesterday the very kind John Martz posted an even kinder bit about DIARY COMICS #1 on the uber-influential Drawn.ca blog! I noticed my orders were suddenly spiking, and then sweet Annie Koyama emailed me to congratulate me on the coverage. I was so overcome with girlish giddiness that I decided to do a free little sketch with every order over $5 until Sunday night!

The sketches are on little 4.25″ x 5.5″ rectangles of cream paper. I can’t guarantee they’ll be AMAZING, but they’ll definitely be FREE! Here’s an example of what I’m talking about, one of the sketches I did as part of my Kickstarter jamboree earlier this year:

KICKSTARTER REWARD SKETCH | These Are My Nipples, Right Here *ouch*

AND if you stick the word “MARTZ” somewhere in the “seller instructions” area, I’ll do a sketch of John Martz doing… something. My choice unless you have a good suggestion that won’t take me 40 years to draw.

UPDATE!! I just posted some of the sketches I’ve done thus far up on my Flickr–check those badboys out!

Okay! Get buying, you guys! Offer goes until Sunday night–although I’ll count any orders I get in the wee hours while I’m sleeping–OR until I run out of books. Whichever comes first!