THIS WEEK :: Heroes Pop Swap AND 25% Off Sale Yo


TOMORROW! (if today is Friday where you are, that is, otherwise let’s say) SATURDAY! (That’s better) I’ll be tabling at the Heroes Pop Swap, which is essentially a swap meet populated cartoonists, regular old artists, people with books and records and weird stuff, toys, statues, who knows what?? Hopefully someone will be selling hotdogs or something, because mm, hotdogs are delicious.

ANYWAY, it’s going on all day, right out in front of Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find, at the corner of 7th & Pecan in Charlotte, right next to that Starbucks that keeps renovating itself into weirder and more uncomfortable shapes every year. I’ll be there with all the stuff in that picture up there, plus a box or two of comics I’m culling from my personal collection, and anything else laying around my house that I can squeeze money out of. It’s really fun, the people who set up are really cool, and hey you can just dip your toe in for a second on your way to get a cup of coffee. Starts at 10 and goes til.. 4? 5? Sometime around there.

ALSO, my papercutter broke, after a year and a half of faithful and heavy duty. Basically I used it until the metal crank popped right off–guys I’m super strong, did you know that? Anyway, I’m upgrading to a really nice papercutter that will last me a long time, has a warranty, replacement parts available if they do break, etc. Sometimes more expensive stuff is worth it in the long run. But I’m broke, so this weekend I’m having a sale:

Enter discount code PAPERCUTTER during checkout and you’ll get 25% off whatever you like in my store. No exceptions. Not only that, if you’re a) a friend of mine, or b) someone who’s bought something from me before, I’ll throw in a free print of my choice. Bonus for you, loyal customer/friend/both! Here’s the cutter I want, gaze upon this almost pornographically pleasurable demo video:

Amazing, right? Holy mackerel! I’ll run that sale either until I hit $500 (the cost + shipping + Paypal fees) or it’s Sunday night, whichever comes first. Or second–I might let it go to Sunday if I feel greedy enough. Get to shopping!