TRUE STORY :: The Young Shoplifter


Grownups. You will always be dimwitted when it comes to your own children’s propensity for deception. Silly grownups!

I did this strip for my friend Mike Holmes’ new TRUE STORY book, which collects strips from his also-named-True-Story feature in The Coast. Mike solicited strips from some fancy people including Kate Beaton, Darwyn Cooke, Faith Erin Hicks, and Joey Comeau. Oh, and me also! The book debuts TODAY, available both at comics shops and on Amazon–go run and find that thing. I think it’ll probably take a sec to work its way into American comics shops, but if you’re in Canada it may already be up in your comics shops. I have a bunch of readers in Toronto, I suggest you guys try the excellent Beguiling shop. Mike has tons of links and more info and so forth on his post.

This strip was an example of waiting til the last minute and then screwing up the size–I drew it TOO small, especially for a 3-tier grid. So if you’re thinking of buying the original, be warned that it’s tiny: my thumb for comparison: