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Do you know about the Pokemon Battle Royale show? If you aren’t into Pokemon you might not care, unless you’re into super amazing artists like Sam Bosma, Kali Ciesemier, Mare Odomo, Niv Bavarsky, Gemma Correll, Meg Hunt, etc etc. etc.

Oh! And me! And my recent new bro Nathan Bulmer. We got Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, who are sort of related in Pokemonishness, so we decided to team up on ours. By “team up” I mean Nathan came up with most of the idea, including thumbing out both of our strips, etc. So if you like these guys, he gets most of the credit.

And even if you don’t like them (cad!) you should definitely check out his site–he does a DAILY comic that is pretty hilarious–here’s a good one. I’m super envious of his ability to come up with ideas endlessly. What a jerk!

At any rate! The show opens on April 20, and will be up through May 11–each piece will be just $40, which having seen some of them, is preposterously cheap. Possibly stupidly cheap, but what can you do? I guess take advantage of some dealzzz. You can buy my original art from me from $50 plus $3 shipping right here though.