DIARY :: January 16, 2016 :: Peter Hutton

I went with friends to see a screening of experimental films by Peter Hutton, which included a q&a afterwards. The films were all completely silent, which made them almost like moving comics in terms of images existing only in sequence/juxtaposition with one another. Before the screening he said he wanted us to get into a sort of dream-like pre-sleep state, and that if we actually fell asleep that wouldn't be so bad. I followed this direction numerous times, not out of boredom but out of relaxation and a sort of sleep hypnosis. Also I was sleepy.

Although the first film shown ("Boston Fire") was the one that I found most pleasurable in terms of image and composition, the last one ("At Sea"), which we were shown only about 15 minutes of, was the one that has stayed in my thoughts the most. I've embedded it here if you have an hour to spend on beautiful, utterly silent images. Sleep tight!

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