Here are some things I use to draw with.

DUSTIN HARBIN is available for hire, oh yes. He–and by he I mean I–is good at lots of things, but the things I’m probably best at are cartooning and cartoon-based character design, lettering, and print design. I work primarily in pen and ink, coloring both digitally and with watercolor or markers. Digitally, I use Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator among others, depending on the assignment and the output needs. I can turn most simple jobs around within a day or two–longer jobs obviously take a little longer. I usually prefer to negotiate a flat fee based on total projected hours at a fixed rate. I do not work for free or for exposure, so please don’t ask; but if you’re a charity I might work for cheaper. MIGHT. You can see a slideshow of recent client work below, or click here for a blog archive of recent related posts.

Past clients include Engadget, Wired Magazine, Marvel Comics, Koyama Press, Richmond Magazine, Boulevard Films, Hong Kong Vintage, and many more. I worked for Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find and its annual comics convention HeroesCon for 14 years, the second half of which I was the Creative Director and handled all identity, branding, print and web marketing, and a large part of the organization and management of both the show and the store. So I have all those skills up in my head somewhere.

I’m happy to do personal commissions. Prices start at $50 for black and white and $75 for color, and go up based on complexity and allotted time. I also do $40 “one-hour drawings“, and $10 “fourths.” Both of those give you less ability to get exactly what you want, but the results are more fun (and cheaper).