Here are some things I use to draw with.

DUSTIN HARBIN is available for hire, oh yes. He–and by he I mean I–is good at lots of things, but the things I’m probably best at are cartooning and cartoon-based character design, lettering, and print design. I work primarily in pen and ink, coloring both digitally and with watercolor or markers. Digitally, I use Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator among others, depending on the assignment and the output needs. I can turn most simple jobs around within a day or two–longer jobs obviously take a little longer. I usually prefer to negotiate a flat fee based on total projected hours at a fixed rate. I do not work for free or for exposure, so please don’t ask; but if you’re a charity I might work for cheaper. MIGHT. You can see a slideshow of recent client work below, or click here for a blog archive of recent related posts.

Past clients include Engadget, Wired Magazine, Marvel Comics, Koyama Press, Richmond Magazine, Boulevard Films, Hong Kong Vintage, and many more. I worked for Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find and its annual comics convention HeroesCon for 14 years, the second half of which I was the Creative Director and handled all identity, branding, print and web marketing, and a large part of the organization and management of both the show and the store. So I have all those skills up in my head somewhere.

I’m happy to do personal commissions. Prices start at $50 for black and white and $75 for color, and go up based on complexity and allotted time. I also do $40 “one-hour drawings“, and $10 “fourths.” Both of those give you less ability to get exactly what you want, but the results are more fun (and cheaper).

5 thoughts on “HIRE YOUR DHARBIN!

  1. Terri

    I read this great two page article Charlotte Oberver wrote about you in March 25, 2012 newspaper today. It was interesting reading about how you got started and how you perfected your craft. I had a great laugh on the comic issue they included of yours in the paper today! I know that a lot more work is coming your way from this story on you alone. Keep up the good work, All the best!

  2. Joel DeGrands

    I got your name from Mike Mitchell after I had contacted him about a project I wanted to do for my development team. We’re a small web development team based in Philadelphia. We sell the implementation of Learning Management systems to our clients and I want to make a illustrated progress chart for getting 20 new clients in 2013. I’d like to have each of the team members illustrated for the poster to make it a bit more fun for the team. Is this something that you’d consider helping with? There are 10 of us currently, to give you an idea of what I’m thinking. Then maybe our EthosCE logo made up like a big building or monument that we’re “building” over the year as sales come in. Ideally there’d be some way to fill in 20 segments of the monument as we get a sale. I’d send you a picture and short description of each of us like: “Chris rides a fixie to work, always has a pant leg rolled up, does our testing, has a blog about messenger bags and sometimes makes fun of hipsters.” I’d also pick an illustration type from your collection, like maybe: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dharbin/6178414349/in/photostream

    I like the idea of a fixed fee, because we’re not floating in cash, but I want something fun to hang in our office for the year. Does this sound like something you’d be into?

    Look forward to hearing from you,

  3. carlos

    Hello Dustin,
    I saw your blog after a google search and am interested in contracting you for a special project. I will be getting married next year and wanted to dedicate an illustrated story to my fiance. Your drawings are very cool.

    The gift idea to my fiance was inspired by a comic I used to read in high school called milk n cheese, by evan dorkin. Anyway, if you are interested please let me know how best to reach you.


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