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Guys I’m having a sale, a sale on everything in my store, even including the most popular and most time-consuming thing, my one-hour drawings, an example of a recent one which you can see above. For a limited time if you spend $50 or more, enter code DHARBMAS at checkout and get 35% off your whole order, regardless of what or how much of it you buy.

A few examples of what that means:

One hour drawings go from $50 to $32.50.
Diary Comics #4 goes from $10 to $6.50.
Behold! The Dinosaurs! goes from $30 to $19.50.
“Fourth” -sized drawings go from $20 to $13. Dang that might be too low!

You get the idea. Splash on in there. Also, I found 5 copies each of Dharbin 1-2 Collected Edition and Diary Comics #2, for those of you who’ve been asking me for those. I won’t be reprinting those again (because I hate them), so if you’re a me-completist by all means buy one, but otherwise you’re just fine without them.

A couple of notes:

1) IF you’re buying things to receive by Christmas, especially things like drawings that take me longer to do, be sure and let me know, either in the “notes to seller” field in the Paypal checkout process, or by email (my email’s right up there in the top right corner of this site, right under my little bio).

2) SIMILARLY if you’re buying something as a gift and want me to send it to the recipient directly, no problem at all, just be sure to let me know and send me the correct address.

3) SPEAKING OF drawings taking longer, you should probably order anything drawing-based sooner rather than later. I ship USPS First Class domestically, and First Class International for international orders–domestic orders usually take just a few days to arrive, and any order with an 11×14″ print in it will go Priority. No guarantees on shipping speed past that, especially for international orders.

Okay! Get to spending! I have some rent to pay and *gulp* some Christmas presents to buy at some point.