HEROESCON 2012! Where To Find Me/Pay Me.

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HEROESCON 2011 :: If You Don't Smile, It's "Art"

HeroesCon! I worked there for one million years, and am very proud of that time in my life, and of the show in general. It’s not only one of the “good” shows on the comics convention circuit, it’s one of the “best”, up there with TCAF and SPX in my mind in terms of really fun vibes coupled with really good sales. The big difference is that HeroesCon is at heart a superhero/genre comics show, but it does it with the same attitude of welcoming and shared enthusiasm as those others. HeroesCon is definitely a show for comics lovers.

ANYWAY, MORE IMPORTANTLY, I WILL BE THERE at Table #419, in a powerful endcap of studliness, alongside Scott Campbell, Brian Ralph, Jeffrey Brown, Jaime Hernandez, and Danielle Corsetto. Who can stand against us?? Everyone, probably. We’re cartoonists, after all. I’ll have the still-new Diary Comics #3, my recent prints, a TON of books and comics I’m culling out of my personal collection to sell at half-off, and a lot of other stuff along those lines.

I’m moderating two panels over the weekend:

Saturday, June 23, 5:00 pm
Room 209
Webcomics #1
Can Dustin (The Wind) Harbin lead his team of Web based cartoonists–Rich Barrett (Nathan Sorry), Tom Scioli (Godland), Danielle Corsetto (Girls with Slingshots), and Rich Tommaso (Satchel Paige) — toward an exciting future in Comics Publishing?  Miss this at your own Risk

Sunday, June 24, 2:30 pm
Room 209
Come and meet Scott C. the mind behind the super popular game Psychonauts and the insanely popular Great Showdowns Tumblr.  Hosted by Charlotte’s own Dustin Harbin whose Diary Comics is making quite a name itself.

I didn’t write those descriptions, just fyi. That’s my friend Andy Mansell, who somehow is organizing over 70 panels this year. He is suicidal, I think. Anyway! That Scott Campbell one in particular should be a doozie, although I’m going to try my hardest to bait Tom Scioli into punching me during the webcomics one.

Okay! Hope to see you there this weekend! If you’re near Charlotte this is really a can’t-miss show, especially if you have kids, who are free 12 and under.