GREAT BIG CHANGE! Images Move To Flickr!

Okay, so I've been planning this for awhile, and I need to go ahead and cross it off my "to-do" list. I've moved the entirety of my site's images, which is comprised mainly of drawings and such, to my new Flickr page. This is the first part of a pretty fundamental shift away from a single site, relying instead on a loose network of other sites, all of which are far easier to use than hand-coding a bunch of html, and most have other benefits

For instance, Flickr has a pretty groovy social networking thing built in, except without all the porn-chicks and bands on MySpace. So when people you dig upload new art or photo's, you get a little e-mail--almost like an RSS feed (although they have that too). Anyway, my blog will stay here, although it's going to shift away from art posts and (ewww!) toward more opinion-based stuff. My number of opinions has been increasing lately. Flickr will become the warehouse for any art.

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