REVIEW PROJECT :: Cass McCombs, Bachelor

I think I said everything I have to say about that Cass McCombs album--which, to be clear, is very pleasant. It's a little unfair to judge something based on how amazing one small part of it is in relation to the whole. Just because I wish ALL of it had been that amazing--unfortunately I'm not Ruler of the Universe and everything I say isn't law (yet). I still think of albums as albums I guess--I'm a little OCD, so my mind organizes these things into units. But we really don't live in an album-unit world anymore, enough though Wit's End does seem conceived as an album, not just a bunch of songs.

It's just that none of the songs have that sense of direction and realization that "County Line" does. It being the very first track, it's hard to avoid the sense that the rest of the album is somewhat anti-climactic. The nice thing is that it's easy to imagine myself getting tired of the first song in a month, and suddenly "discovering" the "hidden treasure" of the rest of the album. We'll see.

I don't really have anything else to say about The Bachelor. It's just not good enough on any level--except prurient bizarro-entertainment--to talk about. Examining what I think about the insane dreamworld the producers have set up, and which the "contestants" are willfully participating in, just robs the show of its fun. So I won't be reviewing those episodes anymore.

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