DIARY :: February 1, 2016 :: Hourly Comics Day

It's been a long time since I did Hourly Comics Day--I think it was 2010, way back when I first started making diary comics. As I start making diary comics again, it felt appropriate to do hourlies--it's a good workout, for sure, and as other people have said, it's a good thing it's only once a year.

I think the basic thing is to do a panel or two about every hour you're awake, but different people do it different ways. Probably my favorite ones are Sophia Foster-Dimino's from last year. The only ones I've read from this year so far are Joe Decie's, and they're great too.

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Graham Annable said:

Great stuff, as always, Dustin! That was a thoroughly enjoyable read, sir.

Michael McLean said:

This was an amazing comic. I love how a normal day might seem like nothing, but that’s never true. I love reading comics about life. They give me hope and joy. They help me to reflex and try and find meaning in my own life. Thank you for sharing a great comic.

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